Saturday, 19 April 2008

Working today...

Can't believe it! Twice this has got rid of my text now! Last try. So today I've been at work so I've not really done any sports apart from walking up and down stairs a bit and obviously no sun bathing either.

I didn't reealise yesterday how high my cholesterol actually is. In Spain cholesterol is measured in mg/dl and in Spain in mmol/l. The limit in Finland is 5mmol/l which is 90mg/dl. The limit in Spain is 200mg/dl which would be over 11 mmol/l. Mine was 227 which comes to 12,6mmol/l. So if I was in Finland I'd already been given a medication for my cholesterol for sure...if my calculations are correct of course. And my doctor just said, yes, it's slightly high, just eat less chocolate...ok!

Today's list


07:50 weight 59,8kg
08:10 cereals with milk and chocolate
09:00 0,5 ltr water
12:00 0,5 ltr waer
14:30 Bird's Eye's healthy options cottage pie
14:30 2 glasses of squash
15:00 0,5 ltr water
15:00 pistachio nuts, many
18:30 0,5 ltr water
19:00 4 slices of sesame seed cracker bread with spreaded cheese and cucumber
19:00 sugar free peach juice
21:00 0,5 ltr water
22:45 0% vitalinea strawberry yoghurt

And I decided to add a picture that I just too as well :)

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