Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Icecream again...

...I hope that that's the last time we buy so much icecream at once because today I've been eating loads of it again...look at the list!::


10:00 59,0kg
10:30 1 l herbal tea
10:30 ryebread with cheese, ham and cucumber
10:45 icecream
11:00 icecream
12:00 icecream
12:00 0,5 l water
15:00 pizza
16:30 banana
20:00 pistacchio nuts
20:15 vitalinea 0% strawberry yoghurt
21:00 2 icecream cones with chocolate and toffee sauce
22:00 0,7 l sleaping tea

Tuesday, 13 May 2008


...I've had two really bad days diet and sunbathing wise. We went shopping yesterday and bought 5 packets of icecream if I remember right plus 1 packet of chocolate bars. Yesterday I had 2 chocolate bars, 2 brownie mini icecream sticks and one stracciatella one and 3 sandwich icecreams.. Well at least I cooked; a whole chicken, rice and vegetables baked in the oven. And it was cloudy all day after 11. But at least I did 40 minutes on the exercise bike in the morning...before we went shopping.

Today I was going to start well, but before I even had time to defrost my breakfast ryebread, I had taken out a sandwich icecream.. I suppose I wouldn't even have to say that I had way too much icecrea..and I had the last chocolate bar too (Dave had one) and I also had some jelly with squirty cream. And as proper food, I had yesterday's chicken... And it was cloudy again..

Sunday, 11 May 2008

At work


07:40 60,2kg
08:20 rye bread with cheese and pepper
09:00 0,5 l water
13:30 Bird's Eye Healthy Options miched beef hot pot
13:30 0,5l water
14:00 0,5 l water
14:45 a tin of peach (3 halves)
15:40 0,5 l water
18:15 banana
18:20 0,5 l water
21:00 ryebread with cheese
21:00 0,5 l water
21:15 chicken cup-a-soup

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Work's end of the season party

Today we had work's end of the season party/meal. It started at 9 and we started getting food after 10 o'clock, first small pieces of sausage, then about 11 o'clock salad that had a lot of lining, maybe only olive oil. Then beef started arriving after mid night and dessert, chocolate cake with ice cream about 1 o'clock after which a few rounds of chocolate... They eat a bit too late over here... Well at least I cleaned at home before we went, at least I got tiny bit of exercise then :) And I've even got a photo today. Here's the list:


09:45 59,1kg
10:30 cereals with drinking chocolate
12:45 1 ltr greenwhitered tea
12:45 1 ryebread with cheese and pepper
15:00 1 ltr greenwhitered tea
15:00 3/4 pizza
18:00 1/4 pizza
19:00 1 ltr greenwhitered tea
21:00-02:00 Work's pary. Apart from the food mentioned above I had about a ltr of water and a lemon KAS.

Friday, 9 May 2008


I was fixing our new, work's old computer all day so no exercise nor sunbathing. It was raining anyway for a bit. Here's the list:


10:00 59,4kg
10:45 cereals with drinking chocolate
11:45 0,5 ltr water
15:45 strawberry 0% Vitalinea yoghurt
16:00 chicken stirfry
18:00 honeyrum and sprite
19:30 banana
19:45 honeyrum and sprite
20:00 strawberry 0% Vitalinea yoghurt

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Exercise...??? What's that?

I'm just going to put the list because I haven't really got anything to comment on...


08:00 0,5 ltr water
08:10 2 ryebreads with cheese and tomato
08:20 banana
10:00 1 ltr peppermint tea
11:30 a lot of (maybe about half a liter) toffee icecream
13:00 apple
15:40 cereals with drinking chocolate
15:50 0,5 ltr water
18:00 alcohol mixture and sprite
20:00 hamburger
20:00 strawberry schnapps and sprite

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

At work straight to the list:


07:45 59,0kg
08:20 ryebread with cheese and tomato
09:00 0,5 ltr water
10:30 0,5 ltr water
10:30 some almond cake
14:30 WeightWatcher's chicken curry
14:30 2dl peach ice tea with no added sugar
15:00 0,5 ltr water
17:00 0,5 ltr water
20:25 a banana
20:30 2 crispbreads with cheese and tomato
20:30 0,5 l peach ice tea with no added sugar
20:45 Vitalinea 0% strawberry yoghurt
21:00 0,5 ltr water
22:30 0,5 ltr water