Friday, 2 May 2008

Virus on the computer!

Today I was going to do lots of things; clean, go to the fruit shop, make some decos etc, but about mid day the computer screen just suddenly went black and then the computer restarted. I tried to open the virus program but it wouldn't open, the virus had made it unuseful. About six o'clock I finally got the virus out more than less and I installed a newer version of the virus program. It still warns about the virus, but at least it should be removed before it enters the computer. Here's the list:


07:00 2 dl water
07:15 a plate of porridge
07:30 big mug of green tea
10:00 1 ltr redwhitegreen tea
15:40 2 slices of rye bread with 2 scrambled eggs and pepper
15:40 0,5 ltr water
16:20 0,5 ltr water
17:35 0,5 ltr water
18:50 1 ltr lemon orange tea (it tasted exactly like calcichew
19:50 meat balls, 1 small sausage wrapped in cheese and puff pastry, tomato, pepper
20:10 3 christmas stars
21:00 a big glass of wine with mango pop
22:00 pear cider 0,5l

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