Tuesday, 13 May 2008


...I've had two really bad days diet and sunbathing wise. We went shopping yesterday and bought 5 packets of icecream if I remember right plus 1 packet of chocolate bars. Yesterday I had 2 chocolate bars, 2 brownie mini icecream sticks and one stracciatella one and 3 sandwich icecreams.. Well at least I cooked; a whole chicken, rice and vegetables baked in the oven. And it was cloudy all day after 11. But at least I did 40 minutes on the exercise bike in the morning...before we went shopping.

Today I was going to start well, but before I even had time to defrost my breakfast ryebread, I had taken out a sandwich icecream.. I suppose I wouldn't even have to say that I had way too much icecrea..and I had the last chocolate bar too (Dave had one) and I also had some jelly with squirty cream. And as proper food, I had yesterday's chicken... And it was cloudy again..

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