Saturday, 10 May 2008

Work's end of the season party

Today we had work's end of the season party/meal. It started at 9 and we started getting food after 10 o'clock, first small pieces of sausage, then about 11 o'clock salad that had a lot of lining, maybe only olive oil. Then beef started arriving after mid night and dessert, chocolate cake with ice cream about 1 o'clock after which a few rounds of chocolate... They eat a bit too late over here... Well at least I cleaned at home before we went, at least I got tiny bit of exercise then :) And I've even got a photo today. Here's the list:


09:45 59,1kg
10:30 cereals with drinking chocolate
12:45 1 ltr greenwhitered tea
12:45 1 ryebread with cheese and pepper
15:00 1 ltr greenwhitered tea
15:00 3/4 pizza
18:00 1/4 pizza
19:00 1 ltr greenwhitered tea
21:00-02:00 Work's pary. Apart from the food mentioned above I had about a ltr of water and a lemon KAS.

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