Friday, 18 April 2008

lazy day...

No sports today, no cooking either, I've just been making greeting cards and I also went to see my doctor to get my blood test results. Everything was normal but cholesterol as always. I really have to stop eating chocolate as it was LDL (the bad one) that was high. I wouldn't like to show today's list to my doctor...


10:00 weight 59,7kg
10:30 cereals with milk and chocolate
10:45 1ltr of green tea
13:30 0,5ltr of water
14:00 vegetable puré
14:00 0,5ltr water
17:30 0,5ltr water
17:30 brownie and cream

And that's it, would you believe that!! That brownie really fills you up...maybe it would be healthy's got yoghurt and wall nuts and everything... :D Today was actually quite a sunny day, and warm too, but as I said, I had a lazy day, so I didn't go outside too much. I cleaned the cat litter about mid day so stayed out for about 10 minutes while doing that and then 5ish I walked to the doctor's and back, it's max 5 minutes walk though. Now I'm going to iron my work clothes for tomorrow and then I'm off to bed!

PS. I don't always wear the same shirt...

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