Sunday, 13 April 2008

Katja's tan &diet diary created :)

I'm going to start another goal diary, last year I had my diet diary at (only in Finnish) and now I'm going to start again, this time both in English and Finnish (Finnish version). Last year I had 10 kilos to loose, this time it's only 2-3 kilos and then my goal is just to maintain that weight. The problem is that we'll go to Finland and England in June so I know I will eat just way too many sweets then so once we come back I suppose I should start this diet again. And then another goal for this spring would be to tan myself a bit. I don't want to be as white as all the other Finns, then no one would believe that I'm actually living in Tenerife (except maybe from my funny accent). So in the future I will write here about my eating habits, more than likely I will just list everything I eat, the exercise I get and also about the weather and other excuses why I haven't been able to sunbathe ;) And of course I will also add pictures about the result so I will start tomorrow (as I'm working today) by adding a fresh new picture of myself. 8.6. I should be as brown as a bean and as thin as a stick :D

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