Monday, 21 April 2008


Yesterday we went to pick up some more free furniture from Las Diamantes hotel as they are refurbishing so we are now refurbishing our house with their old but very good quality furniture :) The day was partly cloudy and everytime I was going to go out to sit in the sun, the sun dissappeared and it was cloudy even in Los Cristianos, it was sunnier here in Guargacho, which is really rare. Here's yesterday's list:


07:50 0,5 ltr water
08:00 natural yoghurt with diced kiwi

09:30 cereals with milk and chocolate
09:45 40 minutes on exercise bike
11:00 1 ltr rooibos tea
14:20 2 slices of rye bread with cheese, lettuce, cucumber and tomato

14:30 1 danacol
15:00 0,5ltr water
17:45 0,5 ltr water
18:00 1ltr peppermint tea
19:30 potato wedges spiced with spiceoliveoilmixture and salad
19:30 Kopparbergs pear cider

I didn't take any pictures yesterday...

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