Tuesday, 15 April 2008

First day

Well yesterday I didn't add the picture as I promised nor even my first update. The reason is that on Saturday we got a new computer desk and I painted it then. It's a lot bigger than the shelf that we had the computer on before so we had to change all the furnitures around to make it fit in. In the end we ended up changing our front room totally, now it's like we had a living room and then also a dining/computer room. And the well started diet day got a bad end when we found the chocolate monopoly and scrabble that we had bought a couple of years ago for Christmas... And now yesterday's food/drink list:


7:00 1 litre of water with vitamin c and calcium effervescent tablets
10:00 natural yoghurt with kiwi
10:15 1 l infulinea tea

10:40 45min on exercise bike
13:35 chicken ball, egg and macaroni salad + a glass of pineapple juice
15:50 1l of diet tea
17:00 jughurt (Vitalinea 0% strawberry)
while cleaning monopoly chocolate and a glass of wine mixed with sprite
21:00 spagetti bolognese out of a can and half a litre of water

And then about sunbathing; the day was really sunny, no clouds about at all, but there's a building being built just next to us and the builders were just painting on the level of our terrace so I didn't feel like going out in my bikini... Maybe I'll go in a bit. I'll tell you tonight. The photos that you can see were taken this morning.

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