Friday, 18 April 2008


...I forgot to post yesterday so here's yesterday's list:


07:00 0,3ltr water
07:15 an apple
07:30 fat free natural yoghurt with a diced kiwi
07:40 a big mug of some Japanese tea
08:00 0,3ltr water
11:00 1ltr slimming tea
13:00 sweet and sour chicken and rice
13:30 0,5ltr water
15:00 1ltr some herbal tea
16:00 fat free strawberry vitalinea yoghurt
18:25 a glass of honey rum with sprite
20:30 brownie with cream...
21:30 0,5l water
21:30 cycling in the air and stomach muscle movements

There was no sign of the sun yesterday so obviously I didn't do any sunbathing and the sports part was only the cycling in the air and some stomach muscle movements (can't think of the name in English right now) on the bed while wathing telly as Dave was watching a DVD in the living room where my exercise bike is. Maybe better that way as it's good to do some different type of exercise every now and again, or at least that's what they said on telly yesterday. And then in the afternoon I had put the brownie ingredients in our chef o matic and I couldn't be bothered to cook anything else so...

Along with the text there's some photos I took at work when I was at work last.

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