Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Second day

Sorry, there's no photos today, I'm at work and as yesterday's photos were published with the day before's text... Yesterday I actually did a bit of sunbathing :) The builders were there again but I couldn't waste another perfect sunbathing day so I decided to go out to finish a bracelet I was making. I didn't put any suntan lotion on because I knew I wouldn't stay out that long. I was there about 15 minutes and in the evening when I had a shower, I noticed that I should have put some protection because my shoulders were slightly red. Not too red though, they aren't sore or anything. But next time I'll know to put on some protection, even f it's 8 or 10. I normally use SPF 25-30, sometimes even 40 when I sunbathe properly.

Here's yesterday's list:


9:40 weight 60,2kg
10:00 cereals with milk
10:10 1 ltr of diet tea
13:30 the rest of yesterday's spaghetti and a slice of cheese between two slices of white bread
15:30 half an hour in the sun
16:40 strawberry 0% vitalinea yoghurt
16:45 half a ltr of water
19:30 cheese and ham quiche and some salad
19:30 1 ltr of diet tea

21:15 45 minutes on exercise bike
21:15 half a ltr of water
22:35 half a ltr of sleep tea

I will update today's list tonight and then more updates and maybe photos tomorrow :)

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