Monday, 28 April 2008

A warm day again (27.4.2008)

It was warm again yesterday, just a bit windy but I still managed to stay out knitting for quite a while and I think I did get some colour too, at least you can already see some lines on my legs :) Here's the list


10:45 weight 59,40g
11:00 0,5 ltr water
11:30 cereals with milk and chocolate
12:30 1 ltr diet tea
13:15 1 tsp linen seeds + cod liver oil and garlic soft gels
13:15 0,5 ltr water
13:15-15:00 knitting in the sun
15:15 spinach tortellonis, yesterday's salad, cottage cheese and beetroot
15:15 0,5 ltr water
16:00-17:25 outside knitting again in the sun and wind
16:00 0,5 ltr water
18:00 pear cider 0,5 ltr
19:30 0,5 ltr water
19:30 quite a bt of chocolate from a pic n' mix shop...

Unfortunately there's still no pictures, maybe there will be a couple in the next few days...

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